5 Easy Tips on Getting More Conversions from Your Landing Pages

When a marketer is asked to develop a business-to-business campaign, one of their most important considerations is landing pages. Landing pages have been the go-to choice for marketing pros since, well, the beginning of the Internet.

Landing pages provide a crucial and convenient service. Without them, your customer base would likely be half its current size, and you would have to spend more marketing dollars for a lower ROI. Landing pages also offer a way to “test run” the basics of marketing campaigns before you launch company-wide.

Besides the primary benefits they offer, you can take advantage of landing pages to grow your business faster and build up your brand.

Here are five easy ways to leverage your landing pages to drive more conversions.

The Impact of Images

Humans are naturally visual, so include images on your landing page that are not only appealing to the eye, but which also entice people to learn more about you. Select images that inspire emotion in the viewer – remember, passion is what drives many of the decisions made by consumers.

Personalize It

There was a time when generic marketing appealed to the masses, but those days are far behind us. Today, people want to be recognized. They want to engage with the pages they visit. By using dynamic content to provide a personal approach for each visitor to your page, you’ll have visitors staying longer and clicking through more.

Using simple scripts, you can personalize a landing page to include the visitor’s name or occupation. You can also use more advanced tools to display customized messages or personalized recommendations based on buying habits.

Watch Your Forms

Forms are great for data collection, allowing you to gather personal information about your visitors and their buying habits. However, it’s getting harder to find visitors willing to engage with them – people are inundated with spam these days, and it’s harder than ever to convince them to take that step. It has become apparent that forms are turning away consumers rather than prompting them to participate.

The good news is that there are social media sites which allow you to gather visitor data without the use of forms. Many social media channels allow you to capture registration data and lead information directly from their websites. There are also third-party firms that can collect data on your behalf and provide configurable details to more accurately target potential customers.

Landing pages can also be structured to collect second and third-tier data, which allows you to build visitor profiles over time. Doing this enables you to nurture a relationship with your potential customers rather than just targeting a one-time data dig.

Test Your Strategies

Your landing pages should be able to evolve with your business. You might be testing the feasibility and technical requirements of your page, but are you looking at short-term results to see what’s missing?

Small changes can make a world of difference. If you aren’t getting the results you expected from your pages, try altering a few elements, changing some images or icons, or shortening content to make it more engaging.

Content-Rich Thank You

When a customer engages you for a product or service, chances are they will like more of what you’re selling. So, don’t forget to fill your thank you page with content and links to other products and services you offer.

Making Landing Pages Friendly
Landing pages are a huge asset and, if configured correctly, can provide you with a wealth of conversions.

Before launching a new landing page, make sure you have:

  • Chosen an emotionally engaging image
  • Included a dynamic element of personalization
  • Limited the use of forms and surveys
  • Created a content-rich thank you page

These tips should help you design better pages that engage and resonate with potential customers – and keep the conversions coming, too.