How to Build Long Term Relationships with Your Customers

A primary job of marketers is to engage with clients personally.  Regardless of what medium they use to communicate, it’s all about presenting relatable information which resonates with the reader and building a relationship.

One of the benefits of email marketing is the ability to prepare and send a message that translates like a one-on-one conversation with the reader.  You spend the time getting to know your prospects and what they respond to, now it’s time to grow that relationship through personalization in the hopes it flourishes.

Although you may have produced campaigns that were historically successful, as your prospects are inundated with emails from other sources using the same channel, you may see your returns diminish over time, endangering those relationships you worked hard to build.  So how do you maintain that level of interest with your readers and continue building upon the relationship?

Fortunately, there is software and other technologies that allow you to evolve your marketing into multiple channels while personalizing your emails in a way that builds your brand, while also strengthening the relationship you have with your clients.

Using Data Effectively

One of the challenges that marketers face is how to develop a personal relationship with potential clients you may not know very well.  That’s where data comes in to play, providing insight into your prospects’ business habits, their buying preferences, their response to certain types of emails or ads all can help you tailor relevant content that will help build upon that initial introduction. Based on how your potential client pool interacts with the media they consume, marketers are now able to have a better understanding of the clients’ wants and needs, and how to provide that to them.

Automation presents a solution for using data insights to bolster the personalization of your email messages by targeting prospective clients with appropriate content that you can then send to the respective demographic.  You can adjust the automation of your email campaign to include asking the right questions, such as about the desires or requirements of the business.  Listening to your clients and prospective clients is equally important as speaking to them.  Using data gathered from your existing client base, and by following the behavior of your prospects, you’ll gain insight into how to better engage with more potential clients on a personal level.

Nourishing the Relationship

Automation and data gathering techniques, used together, can provide a powerful insight into how to deliver more personalized content to your prospects.  Automation can help you connect to potential customers by triggering automated responses when a visitor interacts with your site, sending out welcome messages to make your potential customers feel valued, or by sending personalized emails that ask about the wants and desires of potential prospects. 

These personalized touches demonstrate to your clients, and prospective clients, that you are dedicated to providing a personalized experience and are invested in their business needs. The best part is that you are fostering and growing this relationship through the help of automation, making this aspect of your job as a marketer just a little easier.

Statistics show that when customers are nurtured with personalized emails, more than 75% of marketers saw an increase in conversions.  With numbers like these as proof, there is no wonder why personalization of messages are priority number one for most email campaigns.

However promising, personalization is only one piece of the puzzle.  Just as is true in your personal life, to build a strong relationship you need trust.  Without it, there will not be a stable foundation for the relationship to grow. To see any business relationship to its’ full potential, it’s imperative to build on that established trust by maintaining clear communication and staying faithful to your promises, by providing reliable and reputable products and services. 

By listening to your clients’ needs and gleaning insight from their preferences, you are able use that data, in conjunction with automation, to deliver personal and relevant information which your prospects will respect.  When you gain their respect, you will improve your chances of building a strong and lasting relationship.

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